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Although we are yet to reach a stage where paper cash is outdated, nowadays an increasing number of business transactions rely on credit cards. According to Community Merchants USA, in 2016 only 26% of transactions were conducted with cash; and this number is projected to decline to less than 22 % in 2018. So, if you are a gun broker, firearm or gun dealer looking to accept credit card payments via your website, store or on a gun listing site like, you can boost your gun sales significantly. With this service, you can offer a secure and more convenient way for your customers to pay you.

There is no denying that credit and debit cards offer a variety of benefits to consumers; however, accepting credit cards can be great for your business as well. In many cases, your customers are more likely to spend more money on their purchases if they use credit cards, while concentrating more on your product’s benefits instead of its drawbacks.

According to estimates, on average, a small or mid-size business that doesn’t accept credit cards, loses about $7,000 in sales on a yearly basis. If you are a business owner, you know that you cannot afford to miss out on so much revenue.

If this is an option you’ve been considering, you may have thought of using PayPal or a similar alternative for your website or account. A fair word of warning, most of these solutions, specifically PayPal, will not work since guns and ammo are on their prohibited list. These generic solutions, that were created for the masses with little thought towards the gun industry, also tend to charge 3 – 5% on all transactions.

Even if you do currently have a standard payment processor, such as PayPal or a similar provider, you are most likely paying exorbitant rates on your existing merchant services. Don’t use these one-size-fits-all solutions, Leap Payments has the gun and firearm dealer credit card processing solution with rates, funding and options that you’ll love. Our solution is more reliable, secure and affordable than you can expect from other, not gun-friendly solutions. If you deal in guns and firearms through your website or via and require top-notch credit card processing services, look no further.

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Leap Payments has seamless integration with most online payment gateways and even accounts to offer a reliable, affordable and easy to implement credit card processing service for you. If you accept payments directly via a shopping cart checkout system, either directly on your gun website or on your account, it will allow your buyers the ability to pay you securely and instantly the moment the listing has ended. This can help reduce the burden of communication between buyers and sellers that often occurs after purchase or when the listing has ended.

If you operate or own an online firearms or guns business, you know that you need a shopping cart gateway to process online credit card payments. Integration between the website, gateway and your merchant services must work together seamlessly to allow you to process credit card payments efficiently.

You can easily connect your website, in-store equipment or account for swift and hassle-free payment processing. You’ll benefit from increased revenue and your customers will appreciate the simplification of the purchase process. Also, keep in mind that all your customer’s information remains secure and confidential to PCI Compliance Standards.



Our gun broker merchant accounts allow you to easily accept credit card payments and other types of payments in a real-time and secure environment directly from your business website or account. In addition, real-time and instant authorizations help ensure the accuracy and validity of all transactions and you will enjoy the extra convenience of getting your money deposited directly into your specified account(s). With gun broker payment solutions, you could have several users entering various transactions from different geographical locations, at the same time.

This is how a transaction is processed when your customers place an order.

  1. Once your customers place their orders on your website or from your account, they will check out for payment. At this point they will be directed to a payment page where they can enter all their credit card information. The customer’s billing information is encrypted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and transmitted from their browser to your web server.
  2. If you are fully compliant with all the relevant security standards and protocols, the payment page will be generated on your server. The customer’s credit card information will be collected and sent securely to the payment processor.
  3. You can also generate a payment page on your computer or phone using the gateway itself. This is called a virtual terminal. In this case, the information will be collected, by you, directly through your gateway’s back office. In both cases, the transaction and credit card details will be collected and stored on the secure and reliable servers of your payment processor.
  4. The merchant service provider passes the credit card information and transaction details forward to the processing bank and then sends the card information to the relevant credit card issuer (such as Visa and MasterCard).
  5. When your customer’s payment has been authorized and confirmed by the relevant card issuer, the payments will send an authorized transaction back to your website. You can then inform your customer that the transaction and payment have been completed successfully.
  6. All your online transactions will be recorded for you, so you can view, download or print the all the details. Most website gateways and also provide you with advanced search capabilities, such as customizable reporting with several user-defined fields.
Leap Payments offers a comprehensive payment solution to process credit card payments for both online and retail gun and firearm dealers. We know and fully understand your gun business and will not shut your account just because you sell firearms online!There are several benefits of accepting and processing credit card payments with Leap Payment’s gunbroker merchant accounts. Some of these benefits are discussed in the next sections. gun friendly credit card processors


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Accept a Variety of Credit Cards

This is the most obvious and important benefit of using a fully featured merchant account rather than a PayPal solution for your website or account to process your online payments; you can accept all major credit cards. With a true processing merchant account for gun brokers, you can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex and even e-checks. It is likely that most of your customers will prefer the convenience of using their credit cards as they are much easier to use than the alternative of sending money orders or bank transfers / wire transfers.

In fact, you will be surprised to learn that many customers will choose one business or company over another only because of the convenience that is associated with credit card payments over cash. Our credit card processing solution is hassle-free and simple, which means that you’ll be able to capitalize on lost revenue you would have by not accepting credit card payments.



Increase Gunbroker Sales

The next important advantage of using our payment solution is directly linked to the first benefit; you could considerably increase your sales and boost your business’ profit margin if you accept credit cards. This is because customers are more inclined to make a purchase if they have the option of using their credit cards. It is also more common for customers to make larger purchases when using a card.

For online sales of guns and ammo, this makes sense, without using a true credit card processing solution, customers are forced to mail checks or money orders, or even worse, they get pulled into sketchy PayPal scams.

Even for brick and mortar gun shops, merchants not accepting credit cards are limited to cash only transactions. Guns and ammo tend to be large ticket items and people often do not carry huge sums of cash with them for security reasons.  So, accepting credit card payments permit these people to make purchases they, otherwise, would not be able to make with their limited cash resources. In addition, customers tend to wait less when they are purchasing through credit cards. A gun broker merchant account allows your business to capture more sales that these customers would not make if you did not accept credit cards. As a result, more orders can translate into greater profit potential for your business.

Professional Image

Another key benefit of using a gun broker credit card processing solution is that the professional image and status of your business enterprise would be enhanced considerably.  If you start accepting credit cards, your business will be eluding to customers that you are, right fully so, an official shop and source for guns and ammo. On the other hand, if your business does not entertain credit cards, it may give an impression that your business is a fly-by-night operation that may be a scam or not last very long.

If you have you currently run a physical location/store where you sell guns and ammo, now is an exciting time to consider expanding your reach to online. With a full-fledged, credit card processing solution, you’ve already overcome one of the biggest obstacles of selling online; accepting payments seamlessly and securely.

Let’s say you already have a website or online store and you want to expand to other sale routes or you’re tired of having to manage products and inventory, this is when becomes relevant. gives you a platform to post and manage all of this without having to know any coding. It is a great alternative or addition to building your own e-commerce website. We have seen many merchants, both strictly online or online and brick-and-mortar that build their own websites but list and promote their gun and ammo products through



With so many options available, making the move to online gun sales is finally an easy decision to encourage booming growth for your business. truly makes it easy whether you use them exclusively, as an alternative to a store on your website or in addition to your own online shop. And now, taking payments safely, is an easily reachable reality for gun shop owners of all sizes. Skip PayPal and the constant worry of being closed and losing funds.

Keep in mind that customers want to fully trust the organization they give their money to; and if you accept credit cards, it could certainly help develop that professional image. When customers trust you as well as your business, it is more likely that they will buy from you. Therefore, accepting credit cards may go a long way to promote your legitimacy as a reliable and serious business.

Some other benefits of this payment solution include:

ffl gun dealer merchant services
  • It offers you competitive advantage over your competitors, specifically those who do not accept credit cards or process payments online.
  • It allows your business to take customers’ orders round the clock, throughout the year.
  • Gain access to thousands of potential customers across the country by posting on and tapping into their collection of loyal monthly followers.
  • The online ordering process is secure and does not need to be as closely monitored, which leaves your staff with more time to focus on other important aspects of the business.
  • The credit card processing system is simple and user-friendly for merchants and customers alike.

By now, you should fully recognize the added benefits of accepting credit cards for online payments. If is a key element of any e-commerce or traditional shop infrastructure. Therefore, Leap Payments believes in offering integration with all online gateways and to provide gun and ammo dealers a friendly and reliable solution for processing credit card payments.

A fully integrated and seamless payment module, like a payment gateway or, for an e-commerce platform makes it easier, more convenient and secure for your customers. Accept all major credit card brand types, as well as electronic checks, and other non-cash transactions on your website. In addition, our payment solution was designed for firearms and guns retailers. We offer affordable rates for ammo and gun merchants that are much lower than the industry average. You can sign up for our services right now or contact us for more details.

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