Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

If you’re an Ecommerce company, it’s critical that you can accept ecommerce credit card processing online without having to incur outrageous additional costs. Leap Payments can get you set up with a solution to accept online credit card payments for goods and services that is easy for your customers and affordable for you.

Simply Better Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Forget complicated and expensive, Leap Payments makes accepting credit card payments for your online ecommerce business simple and easy. We work directly with you on your ecommerce merchant account to build a fully custom fit payment solution that integrates with any shopping cart, gateway or platform to cover all your needs. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities online, offer your customers the best in convenience and security during their payment experience. Do you also take payments from a physical location or via the phone? No problem, we offer full POS solutions, online payment processing, and even mobile payment solutions.

Operating a business in the ecommerce industry, means that having the capabilities to offer your customers seamless and easy processing for credit card payments is the lifeblood of your company. Processing payments from a sites gateway should be a simple matter of turning a customer’s credit into cashflow for your business. Ensure that you are paid fast and reliably with Leap Payments top-rated ecommerce card services. Your ecommerce credit card processing solution should be just as unique and impactful as your business. We’re here to help you find the best ecommerce credit card processing based on what’s best for your needs.

Ecommerce Merchant Account Pricing Options

If you’ve ever processed credit card payments before, you’ve probably seen many other processors offering misleading, “too-good-to-pass-up”, low rates, but, these low rates are not what you’ll actually pay for most of your transactions. Here at Leap Payments, you pricing is based only off your transaction volume and how you choose to accept payments. Other processing companies will knowingly fail to mention this. And isn’t that the most important to know for your ecommerce business; the true processing rates you’ll pay for the cards that you normally accept daily.

Tired of being surprised when your statement shows up every month? Our expert ecommerce credit card processing specialists will give you an estimate of your potential rates, quickly and in writing. Even if you’re currently processing with a different processor, we also offer a statement rate review. It’s as easy as sending over your monthly processing statement. We’ll put all our costs in a side by side comparison, breaking it down by every fee. Here at Leap Payments, we believe that every business truly deserves fully transparent and honest pricing.

  • Interchange Plus Pricing

    Take full advantage of the industry’s lowest rates for accepting credit and debit card payments online with our Ecommerce Interchange Plus Pricing or Interchange Pass-Through. Many other processors will restrict these types of plans, held for only the highest-volume businesses. That just doesn’t seem fair to us. Leap Payments offers Interchange Plus Pricing to all its ecommerce clients, regardless of volume. If Interchange Plus can benefit your ecommerce business processing by lowering costs, you’ll have access to it.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    Interchange Plus is not the only price saving option we offer. If Interchange Plus seems overly complicated for your ecommerce business needs, Multi-Tier Pricing might be a great solution. This option can be especially beneficial for “card present” transaction businesses, but ecommerce sites can also see savings in certain situations. Multi-Tier Pricing provides fixed rates which are tiered for each different card type that you accept as payment.

  • No Additional Transaction Fees

    It tends to be common practice amongst other processors to push increased fees onto their merchant for accepting specific, although prominent, card types. These increased fee cards include; Rewards, Business or Corporate credit cards. At Leap Payments, we will never punish you for accepting these “mid” and “non” qualified cards. No matter which card type you choose to accept, you’ll always pay the same transaction cost for every transaction, without a penalty.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees

    During monthly statement reviews, we often see smaller, hidden fees tacked onto merchants processing statements. These are what we like to call “Junk Fees” and they all go straight into a processors profits. Leap Payments provides all the best services and benefits while never forcing these hidden fees on you. Your statement will always be easy to read and understand. We also believe our merchants should always have the right to receive a paper statement and see their complete transaction history online at no additional cost.

Integration with Thousands of Shopping Carts and Online Platforms

You can rest assured that when it comes time to integrate your ecommerce business with our online credit card processing system it will integrate with your existing solution. Don’t have an integration solution yet? One of our ecommerce merchant service specialists can walk you through picking the best option to suite your businesses’ needs. We provide hundreds of gateway solutions for thousands of shopping carts, from NMI to Converge to Here’s a sample list of our integrated online payment services; if you don’t find your provider listed, contact us and we can tell you how we can get you connected.

Leap Payments is a certified reseller for hundreds of gateways to meet your every need. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

Supported Merchant Service Gateways
Merchant Account Gateways

If you don’t see your gateway above, please check our complete list or call for details.

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