Personal Services Merchant Accounts

When operating a personal services company, such as a salon or home repair business, you need a quick and easy-to-use system that allows your customers to pay by credit or debit card. Doing so not only makes it more convenient for customers to pay, it allows your company to quickly and efficiently get paid for services rendered. Leap Payments works with businesses in the personal services industry to develop a solution that allows them to have the merchant account and equipment needed for credit card processing.

Personal Services Payment Solutions

Leap Payments offers the most advanced payment solutions for personal services companies. These options allow businesses to get paid for services in a timely manner so owners no longer need to wait days or weeks for funds to arrive in their merchant account. As more customers turn to credit/debit cards and mobile devices for payment, you need to have a system in place that enables you to accept and process these transactions. Whether you are looking for a new credit card processing company or are looking to open a merchant services account for the first time, work with Leap Payments to find the perfect solution for your unique situation.

When you are ready to open an account, work with a member of our team to analyze your situation and develop the perfect solution. To learn more about credit card processing for your personal services business, contact a representative from Leap Payments today at 800-993-6300.

Pricing for Personal Services Merchant Accounts

When opening a merchant account, you deserve to know the fee structure up front so that you are not surprised by any charges on your statement. For personal services companies, this is extremely important because owners are investing all their resources into growing the business and shouldn’t have to face unfair fees.

Interchange plus pricing is offered to every Leap Payments client. This pricing model allows you to take advantage of the lowest costs in the industry for holding and maintaining an account. Multi-tier pricing is also available for companies that have a lot of card-present transactions and which deliver fixed rates for each card type accepted. The beauty is that no matter what type of card you accept, you pay the same low rate for the life of your account!

  • Interchange Plus Pricing

    Take your business to the next level by utilizing our Personal Services Interchange Plus Pricing and some of the industry’s lowest cost for accepting credit and debit card payments. This form of pricing is often withheld for only businesses with large volume. At Leap Payments, we believe in offering this to all our clients to help reduce their Personal Services business processing costs as much as we can.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    Although Interchange Plus gives good savings, not every Personal Service company needs all the slightly more complicated savings. If you’re looking for something more simple, Multi-Tier Pricing is also a good option. This pricing plan is best suited for businesses that mainly deal with card present transactions for their process payments. Multi-Tier Pricing gives you fixed rates in a tiered format for each of the different card types that you accept.

  • No Additional Transaction Fees

    We will never pass on fees to you for using “mid” and “non” qualified cards. Many other processors will raise transaction fees for processing Rewards or Corporate credit cards and other frequently used card types. At Leap Payments, you’ll always pay the same transaction cost for every card type accepted by your contractor business.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees

    It is very typically in our industry to add on hidden fees and make your contractor processing statement as complicated as possible. All these fees do is raise your costs and increase the processors revenues. Not at Leap Payments. We love added services, but hate hidden fees and forcing you to pay them. You have enough to worry about running your business without having to decipher a purposely confusing statement. In our minds, as the merchant, you have the undisputed right to receive a paper statement and see your complete transaction history online for no additional cost.

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