You’ve built a great point of sale system, but don’t want the headache of PCI audits and continually updating your code to support EMV cards. We offer deep integration with your POS system that includes End to End encryption, EMV card support and significantly reduced PCI requirements with no audits required. Your developer can use The Converge SDK Comprehensive Kit to expedite your business’ goals by implementing a secure, EMV-compliant payment solution.

Room to Grow with Scalability. Created with ease of use by businesses of all sizes in mind. Whether you are small or medium-sized businesses, or an Enterprise level organizations, Commerce SDK gives your company room to expand at your pace.

End to end encryption of the card information. Your system and customer never sees a credit card number.

Mobile Support for all EMV chip cards. Get your mobile payment apps integrated and operating fast on tablet solutions. Start accepting PIN Debit, and magnetic stripe cards with Commerce SDK. You can even add in mobile wallet functionality, such as NFC tap cards like Apple Pay,Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Elimination of PCI audit requirements for you POS software. The typical PCI audit costs $60,000. Using our SDK, which includes card tokenization, the POS only processes encrypted information, so your system is outside the scope of PCI requirements.

Pre-certified EMV package. Integration of EMV chip cards have historically dragged out for months, even for years. Our solution saves time by joining EMV certified software and hardware with an all-in-one, seamless integration. With Commerce SDA, you can now be active and processing in just a couple of weeks.

Expansive list of EMV hardware terminals and other peripherals. With Commerce SDK your terminal options are vast. This means you will be able to acquire the perfect equipment to fit your business needs. Printers and peripheral integration reduces your programming efforts while also eliminating the need to keep tabs on numerous interfaces.

Support for multiple operating systems. Pre-configured hardware integration, to support countertop and mobile devices. Whether your developer code is for, for smartphones or desktop implementations, Windows, iOS or Android, Commerce SDK allows you to efficiently create the perfect app to fit your customers’ needs.

Processing through the Converge omni-commerce gateway. Accept consumer transactions quickly and easily, no matter where they pay; In-store, Online and On the Go.

All of this out of the box using our SDK, now businesses small or large can enjoy the most advanced payment solutions without the huge price tag attached. You can have full EMV support without any of the EMV headache.

developer POS Integration Components


We offer many ways to Seamlessly integrate your website and shopping carts with all of Leap Payments credit card processing services. From our native Converge gateway to Authorize.Net or a host of other gateways we will help you find the fastest and most economical gateway to connect your customers websites to their merchant account. Below is a small list with some of our preferred gateway providers:

Converge Gateway
NMI – Network Merchants
eProcessing Network
USA ePay
and more…

Safe and reliable transactions with PCI standards. As electronic forms of theft grow more complex, data security had become a crucial necessity for any website merchant that accepts credit cards. Having the proper security requirements in place to protect your business will enable you to be compliant with PCI standards. All of Leap Payments’ online processing products comply with PCI standards.

Live customer support for site integrations. If you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest way to integrate your website with our credit card services, please contact us, and we will gladly help you find the right gateway or shopping cart to work with your site.