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At Leap Payments our goal is to make sure that your business can process credit cards. We can support industries considered by some to be high risk with domestic and even off shore solutions, so your business can accept credit cards.

Marijuana Services Merchant Accounts

Boost Business with a Marijuana Merchant Account
With recent changes in laws and regulations in certain states, the desire for marijuana and related services have sky rocketed to all new heights. The cannabis business is exploding as many individuals are trying to get started in the industry. Provide a convenient service to your customer base by having the ability to accept credit and debit card transactions. By not turning away customers, you can increase revenue and boost your businesses growth. Leap Payments gives you all the tools for success to pair with an industry leading marijuana merchant account.

Getting Approved in a High-Risk Marijuana Industry
Banks, lenders and financial institutions have labeled marijuana companies as high risk for a variety of reasons. These financial institutions typically have no clue how the cannabis industry works. This lack of knowledge leads to uncertainty and results in high chance of denied applications for credit card processing solutions. Additionally, there is a higher risk of chargeback claims because of how products are normally bought and paid for. With federal and state laws/regulations constantly changing, there is a great deal of both potential gain and added complications for the future of the industry. Don’t get left behind or wait for this pivotal moment to pass you by. Leap Payments offers custom cannabis merchant accounts that are tailored towards the industry and promotes convenience for your customers and growth potential for your business.

Why Use Leap Payments for Your Cannabis Processing
Get the very best in credit card processing in the cannabis industry when you partner with Leap Payments. We have experience working with high-risk marijuana merchants and offer flexible and financially secure accounts so you can focus on creating the best experience for your clients. We believe in keeping costs low by offer the lowest possible rates, and equip your business with a custom processing solution. Here are just some of the reasons companies open a cannabis merchant account with Leap Payments:

  • Get All Your Sale Needs from One Simple and Easy Source
  • Full Banking & Processing Functionality That Complies with Regulatory Standards
  • Hand-Crafted Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs
  • We Fight on Your Side to Get You Quickly Accepted and Processing
  • Gain Access to The Best Selection of Cannabis POS Systems and Card Readers

Leap Payments is here to help you find online credit card processing even if others have told you that your business is too high-risk. Understanding how the marijuana business works, we can work with you to develop a unique solution that meets your specific needs.

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