Marijuana Merchant Accounts

Our goal at Leap Payments has been to provide your business with the same card processing that all other businesses are entitled to. We support industries selling CBD, marijuana and dispensaries that are considered by many other payment processors to be too high risk to service. Your business can start accepting card payments with our payment processing solutions.

Boost Business; Marijuana Credit Card Processing

Due to changes in the local laws and regulations in main states, the desire for marijuana and related services have skyrocketed to all new heights. 47 states have now legalized marijuana in some capacity, whether it be CBD only, medical marijuana or recreational cannabis. The cannabis business is exploding as many, previously skeptical, individuals are starting to embrace the industry.

Medical and recreational dispensaries in these states can now provide their customers with a convenient option to make payments via their credit and debit cards.

Leap Payments gives your marijuana business all the tools for success by providing an industry leading, dispensary credit card processing account. By not turning away customers, you can increase revenue and boost your businesses growth. On average, customers will spend 30% more per transaction when using a credit or debit card as payment.

Getting Approved in a High-Risk, MMJ Industry

Banks, lenders and financial institutions have labeled marijuana companies as high risk for a plethora of reasons. These financial institutions are typically unwilling to take any form of risk when it comes to federal regulations. This includes cannabis and marijuana. As a result this uncertainty and fear, the vast majority of merchant service providers have been denying a dispensaries’ applications for credit card processing solutions.

Additionally, there is a higher risk of chargeback claims at dispensaries because of how products are normally bought and paid for. With federal and state laws/regulations constantly changing, there is a lot of turmoil but also even more promise for the future of the dispensary industry.

Don’t get left behind or wait for this pivotal payment processing moment to pass you by. Leap Payments offers custom cannabis merchant accounts that are tailored towards dispensaries and provides the convenience of accepting credit and debit card payments for your customers.

Why Do Merchants Choose Us for Cannabis Payment Processing?

Simply put, we are the very best in marijuana credit card processing in the cannabis industry. We have experience working with high-risk dispensaries selling, marijuana, CBD, and cannabis. Merchant’s have made us their go-to solution because we offer flexible and financially secure accounts. Our mission is to handle all your processing needs so you can focus on what you do best, creating an amazing cannabis experience for your customers.

  • Get All Your Sale Needs from One Simple and Easy Source
  • Full Banking & Processing Functionality That Complies with Regulatory Standards
  • Hand-Crafted Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs
  • We Fight on Your Side to Get You Quickly Accepted and Processing
  • Gain Access to The Best Selection of Cannabis POS Systems and Card Readers

Leap Payments is here to help you find online credit card processing even if others have told you that your business is too high-risk. Understanding how the marijuana business works, we can work with you to develop a unique solution that meets your specific needs.

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