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Invoices Sent Directly to Their Inbox

Now you can utilize the power and convenience of online invoicing directly from your payment gateway. Our fully integrated invoicing tools give customers an safe and simple way to make credit card payments. Use the invoice generator from any mobile device and customers can pay from their mobile device as well.

Get Digital Invoicing & Get Paid Today

Send invoices to anyone with an email address. Get your invoicing services at no additional costs with a Leap Payments processing merchant account. You’ll get an online invoicing and payment system all in one, so there is no need for additional development or customization on your end.

Invoicing Features

Complete Customization

Fully customize your e-invoice by adding your business logo, contact information and custom colors. Preview your invoice example before sending it to your clients for payment. Simple and streamlined, look professional and get paid.

Automatic Email Reminders

Ever send an invoice that is ignored, forgotten or just unpaid? Let us handle the follow-up. You can choose to send you customers a friendly reminder email 5 days before the due date or the day after it is late. Fully automated, fully personalized.

Send Invoices in Just A Few Clicks

Use your invoicing software to send invoices to any of your customer with a valid email address. Invoicing is included at no additional cost when you process your payments with Leap Payments. No extra development or customization required.

Multiple Line Items

Add up to 30 detailed product or service line items on a single invoice. Break down your services and pricing to provide more detail for your customers or just to stay organized. Never feel limited when sending an invoicing bill again.

Organization & Filtering Options

Advanced search and filtering options help keep your business’ finances in order and easy to manage. You can look up invoices by their payment status, identification number or receiver’s name. Invoicing software that works the way you need to.


Send e-invoices on the go from your mobile device. Perfect for tradeshows, business trips and events. Your customers will also enjoy the convenience of being able to view, manage and pay their invoices all from their mobile device.

Give Your Customers More Flexibility

Customers enjoy options and you enjoy being paid. Offer the best in flexibility and payment options with custom discounts on any invoice. Choose to offer multiple payment methods including credit cards, phone payments or electronic checks.

Prompt and Paperless Payments

Online e-invoicing options help encourage timely payments from your customers. It also has the benefit of cutting down on the hassle of added paperwork. Receive invoice updates, confirmations and receipts via email and on your online gateway.

Easily Readable Reports

Clean and simple reporting makes it easy to track the status of each invoice. Follow up with your customers to get paid faster. All-in-one reporting system allows you to process payments right from your invoicing dashboard.

If you have been looking for quality payment processing with an all inclusive invoice gateway, contact us at (800) 993-6300 or fill out the form below to get started. Offering the best in low processing rates, deep discounts on gateways and terminals, invoices for no additional cost is just an added bonus. Give your business a boost with the best invoice software and payment processing system available.

How to Send An Invoice: Intro to Invoicing Features

Getting started with digital invoicing and sending an invoice to one of your customers quick and easy. We have put together the best invoice software, built directly into your payment processing account. No added stress, no additional costs or complications.

This video covers the basics of our online invoice payment processing system. See just how easy it is to get started!

High Risk
Merchant Accounts

Is your business considered “high risk”? Having difficulties getting approved for a merchant account? Have other processors closed your accounts?

If this sounds familiar, you are in need of an experienced high risk merchant service provider. Leap Payments knows the high risk industry and can get you approved. With over 10 years navigating the high risk space and with more than 15 banking partners, we can get nearly any industry approved and processing credit cards. Give us a call at (800) 993-6300 or fill out a contact request.

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