Credit Card Processing Solutions

If you’re looking for the very best in credit card processing for your business, Leap Payments has just what you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re a new merchant just starting to accept credit and debit card payments or your business is established and shopping around for better services at lower rates, our clients agree we are the merchant service provider of choice. No contracts or hidden fees, a lifetime rate lock guarantee, 24/7 US based support and same day funding options. What’s keeping you from making the leap?

The Best Credit Card Processing Services at The Lowest Rates

Many small businesses assume that they are destined to pay high fees for their credit card transactions. After all, they believe that only large companies can negotiate the best transaction fees and pay the lowest percentage for each credit card transaction they make. Some businesses have passed the cost of credit card transactions on to the customer, charging them for using a card. Other businesses simply refuse to accept a credit card payment, preferring to only accept cash.

Leap Payments understands the challenges that you face as a small business. That’s why our services are targeted with you in mind. We offer access to interchange-plus pricing to all of our credit card merchant account customers—not just those doing a high volume of business. Finally, small businesses can take advantage of the best rates on credit card transactions that are traditionally only afforded to larger competitors.

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Merchant credit card processing is a way for businesses to be able to get paid when someone uses a credit card to purchase a good or service from them. Unlike personal banks, merchant banks strictly deal with business transactions, giving them the ability to more adequately focus on the specific banking needs of their commercial customers.
Until recently, the best credit card processing solutions have been reserved for large companies that do a high volume of sales each month. In many cases, small businesses received the short end of the stick.
Leap Payments is different. We focus on delivering to all companies the same merchant banking services that large companies receive. We help small businesses get paid for the services and goods they sell without having to wait 30 days or more for funds to clear.

  • Interchange Plus Pricing

    Take advantage of the industry’s lowest processing costs for accepting credit card payments with our Interchange Plus Pricing. Many other merchant service providers will withhold with option from smaller businesses and instead only offer it to large volume clients to maximize profits. At Leap Payments, we’d pass these savings to our clients to help reduce their processing costs as much as we can.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    We often suggest Interchange Plus for the potential savings, but for some businesses it works out better to use a more simplified Multi-Tier Pricing rate plan. This pricing plan most often benefits businesses dealing with a majority of card present transactions when they process payments. Multi-Tier Pricing gives you fixed rates in a tiered format for each of the different card types that you accept.

  • No Additional Transaction Fees

    We will never pass on fees to you for using “mid” and “non” qualified cards. Many other processors will raise transaction fees for processing Rewards or Corporate credit cards and other frequently used card types. At Leap Payments, you’ll always pay the same transaction cost for every card type accepted by your contractor business.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees

    It is very typically in the credit card processing solutions industry for providers to add hidden fees and make your processing statement as complicated as possible. Not at Leap Payments. We’d rather provide you with the services you deserve and ditch the hidden fees. At Leap Payments, you’ll always receive an easy to read and understand online statement and you can call us to review it line by line any time.

Online Credit Card Processing

Being able to accept a credit card online is something that businesses of all types and sizes must be able to do in today’s marketplace. The good news is that safe and effective e-commerce credit card processing is available from Leap Payments, allowing all business owners to accept secure payments over the Internet.
Whether you want to accept cards in-store or online, we will work with you to get the equipment and services needed to process secure transactions for guaranteed low rates.
Tips for Choosing the Best Merchant Account Provider:

  • Never Sign a Contract – Many merchant processing companies charge a hefty cancellation fee so you will never leave.
  • Lifetime Rate Lock – Ensure that even when rates go up, yours will not. An honest company will keep your business by offering the same low rates for the life of your account.
  • Honest and Passionate Customer Service – Shows your credit card processing company truly cares about you even after the sign-up process.
  • Next or Same Day Funding* – An excellent service offered so you get paid as you do business, without having to wait for funds to clear.

*Next day funding is not guaranteed for all merchant accounts. Available only for qualifying merchants. To see if you qualify, call (800) 993-6300 now and speak to an account specialist.

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