Electronic Checks

If you are a retailer, you are likely familiar with the headaches and hassle of accepting payments by check. When you accept checks, you have to bring them to the bank in order to be processed and for you to get paid. This means that you or another employee has to take time out of their day to make a “bank run” to deposit checks. Not only is this annoying and time-consuming, but it can also put your employees at risk of theft or worse yet if your employee is involved in an accident, your business may be liable. Many businesses refuse to take checks as payment because it is simply too difficult, choosing to only accept credit card payment or cash.

We have a simpler solution, so you don’t limit your customer’s payment options. Processing your checks electronically gives you greater flexibility in accepting payments from customers while eliminating many of the problems with taking checks. Along with services like merchant account credit cards, Leap Payments can also get you set up with a fast and convenient e-check system. When you accept a check electronically, you can simply return it back to the customer and have them void it and keep it as a receipt. There’s no need to go to the bank to deposit the check – you’re ready to get paid.

No more rubber checks

Just like when you accept online credit card payments, the customer’s bank and payment information is automatically received when you scan a check with our equipment. This also allows you to instantly verify that a person has enough money in their account to cover the check. Imagine not having to worry about dealing with bounced checks again! With Leap Payments, accepting electronic checks is as easy and automatic as credit card payment processing. If you’ve ever accepted a bad check before, you know the bank charges alone add up for you and you didn’t do anything wrong. With our check guarantee service you’ll never accept a bad check again, guaranteed.

Leap Payments also makes it simple to track your electronic checks. Instead of receiving several confusing statements each month, with our credit card processing merchant services you receive one simple monthly statement that includes credit card, gift card and electronic check transaction automatically separated. It’s the easiest way to handle your monthly statements and will definitely streamline your bookkeeping.