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What Type of E-Commerce Merchant Account Do You Need?

Thanks to the internet and mobile device technologies, more people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online. If you combine this along with the latest announcements by big retailers, who are closing physical stores, it should be…

How FDA Regulations Are Affecting E-Cig & Vaping Retailers

In August of 2016, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) started rolling out new regulations for the e-cigarette and vaping industry, with more changes expected and tighter oversite as the industry is reformed. Part of the reason for the reforms…
Debt Consolidation Merchant Account

Why Your Debt Consolidation Merchant Account Should Include ACH Processing

With a debt consolidation merchant account, you will be able to assist your clients in reducing their debt and making their monthly payments to the creditors on time. One of the major concerns with debt consolidation is how someone is going…
Debt Collection Merchant Accounts
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How Debt Collection Merchant Accounts Can Help Collect Debts

If you are in the debt collection industry, you will want to offer people a variety of payment options when they are attempting to make good on their outstanding obligations. Far too often, these types of businesses will want the person to pay…
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Capturing a Pin is No Longer Cheaper for PIN Debit or Check Card Transactions

PIN Debit is Cheaper | Fact or Myth? Contrary to common misconception, both PIN Debit and Check Cards now process at the exact same rate regardless of processing method. Credit card machines that have the PIN Debit functionality turned on…
Opening a Debt Consolidation Merchant Account
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Opening a Debt Consolidation Merchant Account

Being approved for a debt consolidation merchant account is not the same as being approved for retail merchant payment processing accounts. The reason there is a difference has to do with the type of industry debt consolidation firms fall into…
Merchant Accounts Credit Card Processing

How to Find the Best Debt Collection Merchant Account

Collecting outstanding debts and offering debt collection services for businesses that extend credit to their customers can be a lucrative business with unlimited earnings potential. It can be rewarding to work with people and help them pay…
Cruise Line Merchant Account

Finding a Cruise Line Merchant Account That Meets Your Needs

Cruise ships are essentially floating luxury hotels that also provide tourist activities and entertainment to keep guests happy and satisfied. They offer a wide array of dining, shore excursions, live performers, and much more. Depending on…

Understanding Credit Card Fees for Your Retail Business

Accepting credit cards for payment in your retail business makes the shopping experience much more convenient for your customers. However, many business owners may be wary about accepting credit cards due to the initial setup costs and ongoing…