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Shopify Targets CBD Merchant Accounts for Closure

Although CBD has been rapidly gaining support and even legalization in certain states, it still has not been accepted by mainstream financial institutions. Mainstream, all-in-one payment processors are using their clout in the credit card processing industry to devastate businesses in the CBD industry. There have been many instances of companies going completely out of […]


Intuit Closes Thousands of Firearm Merchant Accounts Across Country

In the wake of recent mass shootings, the push for stricter gun reform has reached new heights. One of the most shocking recent developments in the ongoing battle over gun control is the unexpected shut down of firearm merchant accounts and gun shop credit card processing services.  Gun Merchant Accounts Shut Down Gun merchants from coast […]


No Signature Required: Merchants Look to Remove from Receipts

In an age of instant commerce, credit card companies are looking for ways to compete with one-swipe technologies. One surefire way to shorten the checkout lines has already been implemented by AMEX, Discover and MasterCard – no signature required. Visa is joining the “signature not required” club, meaning that the speed of credit card processing […]


High Risk Merchant Account For Your Business

In today’s increasingly cashless society, businesses must have the capability to process credit and debit card payments to serve their customers. However, many businesses in industries deemed as “high risk”, by banks and other entities offering credit card processing accounts, struggle to obtain service. By understanding why a high risk merchant might be considered high […]


Gunbroker Credit Card Processing Payment Options

Although we are yet to reach a stage where paper cash is outdated, nowadays an increasing number of business transactions rely on credit cards. According to Community Merchants USA, in 2016 only 26% of transactions were conducted with cash; and this number is projected to decline to less than 22 % in 2018. So, if you are a […]