Contractor Credit Card Processing

Leap Payments offers the best in mobile credit card processing and invoicing tools for businesses that spend most of their time performing services at their customer’s location and on the go. Whether you’re a contractor, technology consultant, or in the repair and maintenance industries, your merchant services account will guarantee you collect payment at the end of your job. Relieve any stress about payment hassles, Leap Payments’ online processing and wireless terminals will ensure you’re always ready to get paid.

No Compromises Contractor Credit Card Processing

If you’ve been in the contractor or home services industry for very long, you know how vital it is to have the ability to accept payments quickly, easily and securely. Because of this, it’s not a huge shock to find out that our clients who now accept payment deposits immediately have reported a 30%+ increase in business. Their extra business comes down to the simple fact that they can secure more jobs immediately instead of waiting a few days.

Our online contractor credit card processing and mobile payment solutions will protect you from potentially losing out to other bidding contractors. With access to payment processing on the go, you can secure payment for the job immediately after giving your proposal. Instead of providing an estimate and hoping that the client calls back, secure the job on the spot with our mobile home services solutions. Avoid delays, turn your bids into work.

Contractor Merchant Account Pricing Options

Based on your transaction volume and how you want to accept transactions, Leap Payments can match you to the best, lowest rates contractor merchant account. Beware of seemingly radically reduced, low “teaser” rates that many other processors offer. Unfortunately, these low rates are not what you’ll actually pay for most of your transactions you probably know this if you’ve ever accepted credit card payments before. Knowing the real rates that you’ll pay for all the cards you’ll accept on a daily basis is extremely important as a contractor or home services provider.
Our expert contractor payment processing specialists can quickly give you an estimate in writing of your true potential rates. As a client of Leap Payments, you’ll never be surprised when your statement arrives. If you’re already with another processor, we also offer a statement rate review. It’s as simple as sending over your monthly statement, then we’ll be able to give a side by side comparison and break down our costs. We believe in fully transparent, honest pricing; Just what every business truly deserves?

  • Interchange Plus Pricing

    Take your business to the next level by utilizing our Contractor Interchange Plus Pricing and some of the industry’s lowest cost for accepting credit and debit card payments. This form of pricing is often withheld for only businesses with large volume. At Leap Payments, we believe in offering this to all our clients to help reduce their contractor business processing costs as much as we can.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    Although Interchange Plus gives good savings, not every home service company needs all the slightly more complicated savings. If you’re looking for something more simple, Multi-Tier Pricing is also a good option. This pricing plan is best suited for businesses that mainly deal with card present transactions for their process payments. Multi-Tier Pricing gives you fixed rates in a tiered format for each of the different card types that you accept.

  • No Additional Transaction Fees

    We will never pass on fees to you for using “mid” and “non” qualified cards. Many other processors will raise transaction fees for processing Rewards or Corporate credit cards and other frequently used card types. At Leap Payments, you’ll always pay the same transaction cost for every card type accepted by your contractor business.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees

    It is very typically in our industry to add on hidden fees and make your contractor processing statement as complicated as possible. All these fees do is raise your costs and increase the processors revenues. Not at Leap Payments. We love added services, but hate hidden fees and forcing you to pay them. You have enough to worry about running your business without having to decipher a purposely confusing statement. In our minds, as the merchant, you have the undisputed right to receive a paper statement and see your complete transaction history online for no additional cost.

Contractor Mobile Payment Processing

As a contractor or operating in the construction industry, you’re always on the go. But there’s no reason you should have to put a stop to your work just to chase down payments and invoicing. With our mobile processing methods at Leap Payments, you have access to integrating wireless terminals, iPhone and Android phones and iPad point of sale. Now, your business goes where you go with mobile contractor credit card processing. Mobile payment solutions can keep you processing on the construction site, during meetings, in the office and while traveling on business.
Your clients will enjoy the convenience while you’ll enjoy the speed and portability. We personally recommend a full-function, dedicated, wireless terminal if you currently process or plan on processing higher volumes. Our cell phone options are more straight forward to use and implement and will give you the flexibility your contractor business needs to thrive. For cell and tablet options, use our virtual merchant online terminal from your phone’s native web browser, or you can use a dedicated application crafted for your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

  • EMV Ready and PCI Compliant
  • Online Invoicing Tools
  • Customizable Receipts – emailed to client directly
  • Optional Bluetooth or plug-in card readers and receipt printers
  • Scalable to fit your business needs today and as it grows

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