Medical Credit Card Processing

If you’ve been looking for the very best in invoicing tools and credit card processing solutions for your medical office, clinic or dental office, Leap Payments has you covered. When it comes to taking care of patients and clients, you know what’s best. For payment processing, wouldn’t it be nice to have medical credit card processing services that takes care of you? Guarantee you can offer your medical patients a convenient way to make payments and more importantly, ensure you can collect on what is owed to you. Relieve any stress about payment hassles, Leap Payments’ online processing and wireless terminals will ensure you’re always ready to get paid.

Credit Card Processing for Medical Offices

Leap Payments’ simple and convenient medical merchant payment processing services allow you to focus on your patients while increasing profits and improving levels of customer service. The needs of healthcare organizations are much different than those of traditional retailers and other service providers. Because we recognize this difference, Leap Payments offers customizable solutions, efficiency, and seamless integration specific to your specialized needs.

For healthcare providers, we offer debit card services for Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), with 100% HIPAA compliant solutions. Our medical professional payment processing solution adds more flexibility to the administrative side of your practice and helps you collect payments more efficiently and easily.

When you open a merchant account with us, you’re working with experienced industry veterans who will work with you to develop payment processing solutions that fit your specific needs as a professional service provider.

With Leap Payments, you are able to balance the intricacies of the medical profession with expert merchant account services that support the business side of your practice. Work with us on a customized plan that performs best for you.

Payment Solutions to Fit Your Needs

From secure, web-based Converge Virtual terminal credit card processing and the latest wireless credit card processing machines to comprehensive point-of-sale payment systems, we have your practice covered. There is no need to be limited by other merchant account providers or the equipment you currently have in your office.
Converge Virtual merchant online for processing credit cards is a user-friendly payment solution that allows you to manually process credit and debit card transactions. This enables your practice to have access to your accounts 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection, safely and securely. If you would prefer a credit card terminal or POS system, please refer to our credit card terminal reviews for our top choice or speak with an industry professional to direct you to the best option for your medical practice.
The team at Leap Payments is available to talk through your specific situation to help you find the terminal, POS, and online solution that provides both your practice and your patients with efficiency and convenience.

  • Interchange Plus Pricing

    Take your business to the next level by utilizing our Medical Interchange Plus Pricing and some of the industry’s lowest cost for accepting credit and debit card payments. This form of pricing is often withheld for only businesses with large volume. At Leap Payments, we believe in offering this to all our clients to help reduce their medical and doctor office business processing costs as much as we can.

  • Multi-Tier Pricing

    Although Interchange Plus gives good savings, not every medical service company needs all the slightly more complicated savings. If you’re looking for something more simple, Multi-Tier Pricing is also a good option. This pricing plan is best suited for businesses that mainly deal with card present transactions for their process payments. Multi-Tier Pricing gives you fixed rates in a tiered format for each of the different card types that you accept.

  • No Additional Transaction Fees

    We will never pass on fees to you for using “mid” and “non” qualified cards. Many other processors will raise transaction fees for processing Rewards or Corporate credit cards and other frequently used card types. At Leap Payments, you’ll always pay the same transaction cost for every card type accepted by your medical or dental business.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees

    It is very typically in our industry to add on hidden fees and make your medical processing statement as complicated as possible. All these fees do is raise your costs and increase the processors revenues. Not at Leap Payments. We love added services, but hate hidden fees and forcing you to pay them. You have enough to worry about running your business without having to decipher a purposely confusing statement. In our minds, as the merchant, you have the undisputed right to receive a paper statement and see your complete transaction history online for no additional cost.

Now Available: Transcend Pay

Get paid faster from your insurance carriers with Transcend Pay. We know that your practice cannot wait days, weeks, or months to be reimbursed for services. With Transcend Pay, claims are automatically deposited into your bank account, so there is no more waiting for a check in the mail.
At Leap Payments, we understand that your top priority is the health and security of your patients. However, keeping your practice financially successful will allow you to continue to treat your patients while maintaining a healthy bottom line.
Offer your patients the financial flexibility to pay in whatever form is most convenient for them. More commonly, today, we are seeing consumers carry credit and debit cards over cash. Don’t be last on the list to make the switch; accept credit cards with Leap Payments today to get the lowest rates and top-notch customer service. Contact a representative today to learn more.

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