Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

As a trusted credit card merchant service provider, Leap Payments can help you provide your clients with value-added services such as gift cards and a custom loyalty program. Don’t worry about purchasing, learning, and using multiple systems. You can accept custom gift cards and increase your sales with a loyalty program that’s simple to use and uses the same credit card processing merchant services equipment that you already have. Turn your customers into loyal clients!

Merchant Service Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a fantastic tool to offer your customers. It doesn’t matter what size business you are, it’s important to offer a wider array of purchasing options. You can order custom gift cards with your logo and contact information for brand recognition and provide another way to pay. You can also provide credits for returns on a gift card instead of cash to help with customer retention.

Gift Card Program Features:

  • Full color custom cards are available for as low as $1 each, minimum order is 100 cards.
  • Use the card with your terminal or online, just like any credit card.
  • Add value, check balance or redeem funds on your credit card machine.
  • Customizable expiration of rewards policies established for your business.

Customer Loyalty Program – Merchant Fanfare

Our Fanfare loyalty and customer rewards program makes every purchase count towards a reward that you determine. A simple enrollment process using the customer’s credit or debit card number as their loyalty number means no extra cards to carry. Points are accrued automatically and using your existing credit card machine and a fully customizable rewards are available. Rewards are a great way to turn a new shopper into a loyal member and help you engage with past customers.

Fanfare Loyalty Program Features:

  • Free for customers to join
  • Loyalty points never expire
  • When customer is identified, a current offer automatically is presented
  • Offers may be redeemed when presented or at any time in the future
  • Points are earned automatically
  • Access to current rewards and offers available on the friendly member site

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