In Next Day Funding

How can some companies fail, despite having strong sales and satisfied customers? Simple – cash flow. If you have to wait too long from the time when you make the sale to the point where you receive the money, your business can suffer from cash starvation. Prompt cash flow is vital to every business, and that is especially true for young businesses that are counting every penny they spend. Where some credit card processing companies will have you waiting as long as a few days to receive your money, Leap Payments offers next day funding* to make sure you stay on track. Next day funding is just one of the added merchant service features that keeps our merchants satisfied and giving us raving reviews online.

It’s Your Money
You shouldn’t have to wait for money that is yours – it’s just that simple. We respect the fact that you need your money as soon as possible to pay bills, pay employees, purchase inventory, and more. No matter the industry you’re in, it’s hard enough to make sales and turn a profit in this business environment. You shouldn’t also have to fight against long delays to get your money and avoid cash starvation.

Reasonable Rates
Not only do we want you to have quick access to your money, we also want you to get it for a reasonable price. We don’t add per-transaction fees to our next day funding services. Instead, it is only a small additional fee that is charged on a monthly basis. Your success is our success, and we wish to see you have access to your money as quickly as is possible. Leap Payments is your best choice for payment solutions, and this impressive service is just another reason why.

*Next day funding is not guaranteed for all merchant accounts. Available only for qualifying merchants. To see if you qualify, call (800) 993-6300 now and speak to an account specialist.

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