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Many service businesses such as landscapers, painters, and hair dressers either work from home or work on site at the customer’s location. Many of these are point-of-sale services, meaning the customer is expected to pay at the time services are rendered. The tricky part is what to do when a customer wants to pay by credit card. Most of these types of merchants aren’t set up to handle mobile credit card processing. Thanks to providers such as Leap Payments, a mobile payment solution is now available.

Having the ability to accept a credit card payment or to accept a customer’s check and know if it is good before they leave can make a tremendous difference in how a service merchant does business. All that is needed is a PCI-compliant credit card machine, which can be the user’s cell phone, and a swiper attachment and integrated software to process the payment.

In the past, these types of services were only available to brick and mortar businesses and big businesses. Now, small businesses can take advantage of the opportunities for financial freedom that mobile payment solutions can provide. With a smartphone, a credit card swiper, and the right software, service providers can accept credit card payments on the spot.

One of the biggest advantages of working with the right mobile credit card processing company is that merchants can be paid more quickly than ever before. Instead of having to wait 30 or more days for the transaction to clear and be deposited in the bank, most payments are available within a few days, some in less than 24 hours. It’s almost as good as being paid in cash.

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