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Credit cards are the most used form of payment on the planet. Allowing your customers to use credit cards is an essential part of any business. There are many credit card processing companies out there that will provide the services, but there will also be hidden fees and an ever-changing service fees. Leap Payments is proudly different from our competitors. We provide not only great customer service, but also work hard to keep our costs low so that we can pass the savings onto you, our customer.

Here are our different pricing options:

Interchange Plus Pricing

This is a great option that most other credit card processing companies only offer their highest volume customers. We offer this plan to all of our clients. This plan has the lowest possible costs for accepting cards as a form of payment.

Multi-Tier Pricing

This option is the most common form of pricing for credit card processing services. However, it is expensive and may include hidden fees that are impossible to decipher on your statement. In the simplest form, every transaction will fall under one of the following rate buckets: qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified. Typically, you have one rate that your provider openly discloses and then “downgrades” appear in a separate section of your monthly statement. While this rate structure may seem simpler, you never truly know what rate you are paying for any specific transaction and the credit card processor has complete control over which transactions fall in which rate bucket.

No Additional Fees

Because we offer an exclusive lifetime rate lock, Leap Payments processing fees to accept credit cards are locked in for the life of your account, guaranteed. We also don’t charge for statements, because you earn the right to see your statement and to know your transaction history.

For more information please contact one of our sales professionals to create solutions that will meet your business needs. Our sales office can be reached at 800-993-6300, or email us at

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