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With the warmer weather comes the urge by many people to sell off excess stuff with yard and garage sales, but the idea of taking checks for high dollar items can be intimidating. And no one wants to have that much cash lying around, so why not consider mobile credit card processing?

Once, not too terribly long ago, the concept of taking credit card payments for a single day or a weekend of transactions would have been expensive and inconvenient, but with mobile credit card processing, the process is no longer difficult or expensive. With your iPad or other tablet, or even your Android smart phone, you can arrange to temporarily take credit cards. 

So Why Consider It?

The simple reality is that most people do not carry large amounts of cash when they shop at garage sales or moving sales. So when they fall in love with the sofa you are parting with, they either try to convince you to take a check – which you can’t help but think could bounce – or they have to leave to go get more money.  And retailers around the world know that once a customer leaves, the chances they will come back for an item plummet.

By offering shoppers the convenience of paying with a credit card, you immediately make it easier for people to spend more money than they had intended, especially when you are selling furniture or other high dollar items. The increased sales you get from being able to take credit cards will more than make up for the small processing fee, and you avoid the risks associated with having lots of cash or taking checks.

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