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Leap Payments Offers:

Leap Payments OffersWhat’s great about opening up an account with Leap Payments? We know just how to treat you our customer because we treat you just like we’d want to be treated. Our “old fashioned” approach to service offers our customer’s endless courtesy, caring, attention, and all the answers to questions that they need. So, if you need the right payment solutions for your business, we would be more than willing to help in any way possible.

This means that when we quote you a price for mobile credit card processing, total merchant services, or small business credit card processing, you will get the price quoted, and that price is not subject to change. It will be locked in for the life of your account with us. We guarantee this with our word, and then some. We also know you by name, and not just another account number. We strive to be as personal and as caring as we can be with all of our clients. So, with this said, warm-hearted treatment and concern is what you will always get from us in abundance.

If you use Leap Payments, you never have to worry about your payments being late — they can be funded to you in as little as 12 hours. We can also take care of your mobile payment for any phone with our mobile App or a supported browser. Our credit card processing is simply better than the competition. We leap into action with our customers, by offering them first-rate service solutions for their small businesses. The best merchant services out there are ones that work with the customer, in all the ways that count, first. Customers also come first with us and always will. If you would like to learn more about the total merchant solutions that we offer, please browse our web site to see our full suite of services.

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