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Hair Stylists Take Their Cut with Mobile Payments

Many people don’t immediately recognize why hair stylists need flexible mobile payment solutions. The ability to accept credit card payments is not only a benefit for stylists that do on-site appointments; it is also a game changer for those that lease their space in salons and those who operate their own home salons.

Leasing space in a salon means that your customers typically pay at the POS, which means that you could wait days or weeks to receive your payments. With mobile payment solutions, you can collect payment directly from your customers, and you can see the funds in your account the next day. This means you can pay for your lease, upfront, and collect all of your customer payments without any delay.

For stylists that do on-site appointments—especially those that offer bridal and special event services—mobile payments allow you to accept payment immediately. You won’t have to worry about chasing people down for payment, and your clients won’t have to worry about remembering to pay you later.

Home-based stylists can have greater flexibility for the prices of services, while offering better payment options for clients. People are typically willing to pay more with a credit or debit card, than they are with cash, so you can change your prices to reflect the typical pricing for the beauty industry. Your customers will appreciate not having to stop at the ATM before coming to see you.

The ability to accept credit card payments is one that gives stylists like you the chance to expand client lists and make more money. If you don’t accept credit cards, yet, consider the many reasons to start.

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