Credit Card Processing Solutions

For Businesses Of All Types, Including High Risk

Interested in our High Risk Merchant Accounts?

Providing customers and clients with a convenient way to make debit and credit card payments while not being overcharged for each transaction is a challenge faced by many retailers. Let us show you a better way to process your credit card payments.

Many legitimate business types are deemed too risky by banks to process credit cards. They give these high risk labels for a variety of different reasons. We believe that your business deserves as good a chance as any to grow and flourish by providing you with high risk credit card processing.

As an E-commerce company, it’s critical to be able to accept credit cards online without incurring outrageous additional costs. We can get you set up to accept online credit card payments for goods and services that is easy for your customers and affordable for you.

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Leap Payments for High Risk Credit Card Processing?

If your business is operating in a high risk industry, you’re probably all too familiar of the difficulties to obtain quality merchant services. Whether you’ve had to deal with different providers in the past or you’re just getting your business started, Leap Payments has the high risk merchant accounts you’re looking for. There are several other high risk merchant service providers out there, so what makes Leap Payments the preferred choice for thousands of merchants? Experience, Dedication, Connections & Solutions. Partner with the company that knows the keys to success when pursuing a high risk merchant account.

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Lifetime Rate Lock

The best merchant processing companies believe that caring for customers means keeping costs down and never increasing your rates. We guarantee that the Leap Payments rates will not increase for the life of your account. No bait and switch, no teaser rates, just simple, honest pricing and the best merchant services. In addition, we offer Interchange plus pricing, because this is the most transparent way to process credit cards available.

Customized Solutions

When choosing a processing solution most business owners ask: who has the best credit card processing rates? While rates are a part of the right answer you need a partner who understands your unique needs and tops the comparison lists of credit card merchant services companies, so you know you’re working with the best. Based on real low and high risk credit card processing companies reviews you’ll find Leap Payments A+ Better Business Bureau rating sets us apart from the competition.

Unique Customer Service

Many merchant credit card processors look at your business as a mere dollar sign to cash in on and they lose sight of honest customer service. The true value of a merchant services company is revealed in an instant when you search high risk credit card processing reviews online. Unlike our competition we’ll know you by name, not by your account number. Our support is 100% US-based and available anytime you need us.

Same Day Funding

Cashflow is crucial to business success and for our clients we ensure that you won’t be waiting to get paid for your credit card processing. With Leap Payments you can rely on receiving your deposits promptly in order to keep your business running smoothly. Our clients attest that services like same day funding is why Leap Payments is one of the best rated credit card merchant services companies.

Need help understanding your monthly statement?

In addition to our commitment in being the best merchant account provider for your business, we offer fully integrated and customized solutions. We’ll explain the true costs of accepting credit and debit cards. Our experts will review your statement and show you how much you can save. Providing small business owners just like you with the personal service that you deserve is what has distinguished us from so many generic, less visionary credit card merchant processing services.

Need even more reasons to choose Leap Payments?

We make it simple to reap more benefits from merchant processing credit cards while keeping merchant service rates competitive. Don’t settle for any old merchant account provider. You’re competing to be the best in your field, so shouldn’t merchant account service providers compete to do their best for you? At Leap Payments, we’re committed to turning every transaction into the next step forward for your business.