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Credit Card Processing: Banks can make it difficult to conduct business profitably if you are in an industry that they classify as high risk.  A bank may charge higher fees or even refuse to do business with certain companies.

Ticket brokers and debt collectors often fall into this category because of the significant time delay between placing an order and the actual delivery of the service.  Even furniture sales can be classified as high risk due to the high dollar amounts involved in custom orders and long delivery times.

Banks may charge a premium for industries that they deem as high risk based on moral or ethical reasons.   Gun retailers, payday loan companies, and tobacco and vapor merchants often experience higher fees and lower profits as a result of a bank’s policy.

Leap Payments offers credit card processing for merchants in high risk industries as an alternative to high premium bank services. Please see the infographic below for more information about high risk industries and Leap Payments’ full range of services.

Credit Card Processing For High Risk Industries

What Is A High Risk Industry?

Banks classify an industry as high risk for various reasons. MasterCard or Visa requires the business to maintain specific business licenses, based on their industry.

A business may be viewed as high risk if:

  1. The business is placed on MATCH, which is a reporting service used to identify businesses that have caused losses processing credit cards in the past.
  2. The business experiences long periods of time from purchase to delivery date.
  3. The business offers a product considered to be dangerous or immoral.
  4. Banks may refuse to do business with any company and classify them in a high risk industry or charge a premium.

Examples of Industries Classified as High Risk

  • Tobacco & Vapor Sales
  • Ticket Brokers and Resellers
  • Debt Collectors
  • Travel & Tour Operators (Delayed delivery from booking to actual travel)
  • Furniture Sales (Large transactions and custom orders can have significant delay between order and delivery)
  • Diet Supplements

Leap Payments’ Business Philosophy

Leap Payments supports any legitimate, law-abiding business. We believe that your business deserves the opportunity to succeed based on its own merit rather than a bank’s arbitrary moral judgment.

Leap Payments offer full range of services for high risk industries, including:

  • Online credit card processing using your phone or tablet
  • Mobile credit card processing
  • Next day funding
  • eCommerce solutions with US-based customer support
  • EMV-ready credit card machines for magnetic stripe cards and smart cards



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