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Need to process a transaction over the phone or as a brick and mortar retailer? Sounds like you may need a variety of retail merchant services.  This could mean utilizing existing equipment, or integrating new items to deliver the perfect total package. Whatever a business sells, whatever services offered, professional retail merchant services can customize a program that meets every need. Wondering which merchant services your business needs?

Recurring Billing Solutions

Retail Merchant Systems Does your business charge clients monthly, or quarterly, for a product or service? Set up recurring billing with the help of merchant services. Businesses can charge a credit card automatically and conveniently, without any hassle. You can adjust this handy program as you need to and even swap the option for one time payments. Earn more sales, without all the extra work of recurring billing.

Wireless Terminal Solutions 

Wireless terminals give businesses greater mobility. While they are not necessities, in most cases, wireless terminals work great as “stand alone” products along with tablets, laptops, and smartphone components.

Gift Card Programs 

Gift card programs are wonderful marketing tools. They get the company’s name in front of a wide audience of people and give your customers a needed service. Choose a retail merchant service provider that allows you to customize gift cards and choose from a wide option of denominations.  Gift cards can be used as incentives and rewards for faithful customers, like a client loyalty program.

Retail merchant services aren’t just black and white, anymore. You can choose from a menu of options and give customers better service.

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