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One of the major concerns most customers have when paying by credit card is knowing that their data is secure. After major data breaches last year at retail outlets, consumers want to know, if you accept credit card payments, that you’ll keep their data secure.  That is where the Plugin for QuickBooks comes into play.

In 2007, Intuit, the company that makes QuickBooks, said they couldn’t guarantee that information stored using their software was completely secure. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards weren’t incorporated in future versions of QuickBooks, so while the accounting software remained popular, especially among small businesses, it was less than ideal for those who wanted to accept credit card payments. Plugin for QuickBooks changes that.

This software is PCI compliant, meaning your customer’s data – and yours, as well – meets the industry’s security standards. When you add Plugin for QuickBooks to QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Enterprise, you can safely accept credit card payments, ACH payments and electronic fund transfers for your customers, transferring the data directly into your accounting program — and do it with reduced security risks.

In addition to reassuring your customers, this software is important for you as a business owner, because it helps protect you in the event of a data breach. While no system is completely immune to breaches, your liability is reduced when you have taken all the measures recommended for payment processing security. Companies who are not PCI compliant risk civil liability for the use of data recovered from their systems. Adding this plugin to your accounting software can give you and your customers peace of mind.

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