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More than ever before, business is done on the go. Instead of requiring customers to come to them in a specific location, more and more businesses are meeting customers where they already are located. That means that businesses need merchant solutions, which can go with them – unlike a traditional credit card terminal. Mobile credit card processing is a field that is rapidly developing, and Leap Payments is right at the forefront of all the latest technology.


The Answer Is in Your Hand

The mobile device that you already own could quickly become your next point of sale when you work with Leap Payments to integrate the right technology. You can add a card reader to your phone to take card payments on the go, or use a number of other technologies with your Android device or iPhone. The team at Leap Payments will be happy to help you understand all of the options available so you can pick the right one for your needs.

Combine Systems for Maximum Efficiency

Just because you can take payments on your mobile device doesn’t mean you should trash your traditional card reader inside your store or office. In fact, having both options available to you means that you should have no trouble taking payments from your customers when they are ready to provide it. Leap Payments makes it easy to accept a variety of forms of payment, and we offer services like next day funding* to make sure you get your money as quickly as possible.


*Next day funding is not guaranteed for all merchant accounts. Available only for qualifying merchants. To see if you qualify, call (800) 993-6300 now and speak to an account specialist.

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