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With a Plugin for QuickBooks from, it has never been easier to accept credit card payments and electronic funds transfers, and save yourself accounting time in the process.

This software ties in directly to QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Enterprise, linking your online credit card payments, or mobile credit card payments to your accounting software. Say goodbye to redundant paperwork and hello to decreased collections costs. Giving your customers more options to pay you on time can help improve your cash flow and decrease your accounts receivable, meaning you have more money in your pocket today and next week.

The Plugin for QuickBooks ties your mobile and point-of-sale, or web-based order and payment system to your accounting software, making tax time easier and eliminating the need to manually transfer information from one system to another. Since you eliminate an entire step in the process, you eliminate a chance for errors and an added cost for your company. As a result, your customers see improved customer service, and you see a better bottom line.

No matter what size of company you operate, this plugin can help streamline the entire accounting process. With this software, orders and purchases are entered once, and then the software inputs that data in all the other places you need it, including inventory control and invoicing.  Additionally, the software expands the types of payment your company can accept, to include credit card processing, electronic funds transfers and ACH (automated clearing house) transactions. With just a few steps you can set customers up on a monthly billing cycle with automatic payments, meaning they don’t forget the bill, and you get your money sooner.

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