In Next Day Funding

The whole point of credit and debit cards is convenience; customers can use them instead of cash or checks to make instant payments. So why is it that card processing services think that making a deposit of all your transactions once a month is sufficient? Shouldn’t you get next day funding at the very least? Your customers can pay instantly but that sale doesn’t come into your budget for up to 30 days? That’s not quite fair. Luckily there is Leap Payments, a company that understands receiving your payments quickly is important.

Next day funding from Leap Payments makes it convenient for you as well as for your customers to use credit and debit cards. You don’t have to wait a month to use that income towards supplies or business expenses, it is there for you in your bank account the very next day. This is very important to merchants and small businesses where every dime matters, every day. When you are operating on a shoestring you need to make sure all your payments arrive in a timely manner. Large businesses may have more funds in the bank and be able to handle whatever financing problems arise, but small businesses need funds coming in at all times.

The convenience of credit and debit card payments should be a benefit to businesses as well as customers. If your card processing service doesn’t offer fast funding, it is time to look into other options. See how we can help you keep a steady flow of income coming in from day to day instead of waiting for monthly payments.

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