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Whether your employees are providing services in the office or at the client’s location, when you mesh credit card processing with Quickbooks Enterprise edition, your accountant will be the first one to thank you. Your bank balance may be next in line.

A lot of times our customers don’t mean to be late with their payments. Sometimes, they legitimately forget to send in a check. Other times, especially when dealing with another small business, they may pay bills once a month, meaning that you could wait almost 30 days to receive payment. Offering them the option to pay by credit card the day the service is rendered or products are delivered can help stop that payment delay and avoid forgetfulness.

With credit card processing tied to your Quickbooks Enterprise edition, your sales team, service workers and delivery workers can ask for payment immediately, getting the money to your bank account as soon as the next day. That improved cash flow is sure to make your bank balance seem a lot happier.  And using Leap Payments you’ll enjoy rates significantly lower than what you’d pay QuickBooks payment systems directly for the same credit card processing transactions.

The real excitement will come from your accountant because your daily transactions will match exactly your daily deposits, unlike QuickBooks we deposit the full amount in your bank for each transaction.  And when your transactions match exactly, your accountant has to spend less time balancing your books. In addition, with an integrated system, your accountant doesn’t spend hours trying to figure out which customer to bill the product or services to. There’s no time spent matching purchase order to invoices and no postage necessary for account collection.

Adding credit card processing plugin to QuickBooks Enterprise edition can make your accounting department more efficient, reduce your expenses and improve your cash flow. Chances are your accountant won’t be the only one smiling about that.

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