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When trying to find the best merchant services in the business, you can’t go wrong with Leap Payments. Our history of great customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We value our clients and treat you like a person, not a business. Here are some reasons why our clients love to work with us.

We Help You Understand

With all of the complicated finance and credit card processing jargon, we want to help you understand your merchant services account. We don’t expect business owners to be experts in how credit card processing works; that’s why you hired us. We’re here to set up an effective system and make sure that you know all of the information that’s necessary to properly run your business and know what you are paying to do so. We will walk through your monthly statements with you and answer any questions you might have.

Small Business Is Just as Important as Big Business

Our personalized service and special attention to detail with ALL of our accounts will let you know that your business is important. Stacy, owner of Spanish Valley Vineyards, says, “… my Leap Payments Rep has proven that being a small customer doesn’t mean I’m insignificant.”

Save Your Business Money

Many of our clients rave about how they have saved huge amounts of fees by switching to Leap Payments. Savings up to 40%-50% of our competitors’ prices are a no-brainer when making the switch.

When choosing a merchant service, you want to make the right choice for your business. Offering unmatched customer service and low fee rates, Leap Payments is the best merchant service provider in the business. Check out our Client Testimonials for more reasons why our clients choose to switch to and stay with Leap Payments.

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