In Fleet Card Processing

Most service stations accept credit cards for payment on fuel, services and other goods. Today, people are carrying cash less often and in smaller amounts, as a matter of convenience and safety. In our competitive marketplace, accepting credit is an absolute must. Without the ability to accept credit payments, a merchant risks turning away customers who have no other means of paying. With the addition of Fleet cards, service stations can accept payment from large corporations and government agencies who issue these to their employees. Fleet cards work with online payment processing services and give service and fuel stations more options to increase sales.

Large corporations and government agencies often have large fleets of company-owned cars for employee use.  Some companies allow the employee to use personal vehicles for company business. As a result, they often issue fleet cards like Wright Express (WEX), Voyager, Fuel Man, Fleet One and Comdata for employees to use to pay for fuel or auto repairs.

Accepting Fleet cards can be a great way to draw this type of business into a service station. Marketing and advertising strategies designed to capture this market can produce increased traffic and sales with virtually no real cost to the business owner. Since fleet cards can be processed like any other credit card, the same payment systems can be employed with no additional hardware or software. Online payment processing is quick, easy and convenient for the business owner and the customer. Consider adding fleet cards to the accepted payment options for your business and watch your sales increase.

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