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Good Customer Service You’ve all heard it before: customer service is important, and not just to your customers; you deserve good service, as well. The best credit card processing companies know how to use the latest technologies, respond to feedback, and seek creative ways to solve problems. In a challenging economy, it’s easy to believe that customer service doesn’t matter, but it truly does. While many processing companies treat their merchants like numbers on a spreadsheet, others prefer to deliver a personalized experience that makes you feel like part of the family.

The Competitive Edge

When customers don’t feel like they receive good service or a reliable product, their businesses can be affected. According to one recent report, less than 5 percent of unhappy customers come back to complain. Companies with a hands-on customer care team are available to answer any problems quickly and efficiently. This personalized way of doing business can mean the difference between getting satisfactory service, and amazing service. Your customers demand the best possible service from you, and that is what you should be able to expect from your processing company.

You need a merchant service provider that helps you grow. With the right company, you won’t get cut and paste answers or information delivered from a script. Choose a company that personalizes your experience by knowing your name, and which provides you with a dedicated account manager who knows how to serve you. If you aren’t getting this kind of service from your current credit card processing service, it may be time to try someone else.

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