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If your landscaping company doesn’t accept credit card payments, you may be missing out on business and creating cash flow problems for your company.

In a perfect world, customers would be prepared to pay for their landscaping services the day your team is there installing the sod, mowing the grass, or planting the flower beds, but many times clients will not have the cash, and either want to send you a check or give you a check. In addition to the risk of the check not being good, taking a check for your services also means you lose valuable sunlight taking the time to make a trip to the bank.

But you can make the most of your days when you accept credit card payments. Instead of taking the time out to run to the bank, with mobile credit card processing, you can accept credit cards for the job and be confident the money will be in your account the next day. Then you can get on to the next job without delay.

One of the reasons it can be so important for landscaping companies to accept credit card payments is the upfront cost of plants, mulch, and other equipment. When you finish the first job of the season or the week, you don’t have time to wait for the check to clear before you need to buy the materials for the second job. With a credit card processing company such as Leap Payments, you can have the money in your account the very next day, ready for you to head to the nursery and buy materials for the next job.

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