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Paypal IconAs premier reseller of Authorize.Net we’re proud to announce that our clients can now accept PayPal payments within your same Authorize.Net gateway account.

Authorize.Net merchants can now accept PayPal using PayPal Express Checkout through their payment gateway accounts. This allows merchants to view their PayPal transactions alongside their other Authorize.Net transactions in the Merchant Interface. Accepting PayPal is now included with your credit card merchant account at no additional charge, besides standard PayPal transaction fees.

By offering customers the convenience of paying with PayPal, your single small business merchant account can potentially improve checkout conversion and attract new customers. The PayPal Express Checkout button complements your existing checkout page and can open the door to over 169 million active PayPal accounts.

Adding PayPal through Authorize.Net provides these additional benefits:

Easy Setup – Merchants simply log into the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface and follow the instructions in the Digital Payment Solutions section using their existing PayPal Express Checkout account. If they do not already have an account, they can create one using the link provided.

Unified Reporting – Seamless integration allows merchants to use the Merchant Interface and the Transaction Details API to search for, view and report on PayPal transactions using their Authorize.Net account.

Speedy Checkout – Buyers can speed through checkout using the shipping and payment information already stored in their PayPal accounts.

Note: To offer PayPal through Authorize.Net, merchants must be using the current Authorize.Net API and some development work may be required. Please have your merchants contact their developer or shopping cart provider for assistance. If they connect via a shopping cart, they will need to confirm that it supports PayPal through Authorize.Net as a payment type.

Now you can process all payments types via a single gateway account and manage all of your payments in one place.

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