Credit Card Processing for Lawyers

You work too hard to take a chance on just any merchant account provider. At Leap Payments, we guarantee a complete separation of unearned and earned fees, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that your transactions are always handled in the right way. Stay ahead of your competition and offer your clients their choice of payment options.

Simple Merchant Solutions for Law Firms

Accepting credit cards should be simple, which is why we provide a custom solution specifically unique for attorneys that need to get paid. Leap Payments meets the specific needs of an attorney’s trust and operating accounts. Whether it’s over the phone, on the go, online, or in the office, we provide payment processing solutions that fit at the lowest rates to process credit and debit cards.

This way, your clients are able to pay for services rendered quickly and conveniently, while your office receives payment without delay. Lawyers need a merchant account processor that understands the industry and can ensure payment security and client privacy at all times. Leap Payments will work directly with you to develop a solution that allows you to easily accept credit and debit cards.

Multiple Payment Options for Lawyers

With Leap Payments’ fully compliant, secure, and integrated processing of credit and debit cards for law firms, we make it easy for you to spend less time billing and collecting. Utilize automatic recurring payments, as well as mobile payments when you’re on the go, focus on your clients and let us provide you with the best credit card merchant processing services to collect client’s payments faster.
In addition to payment solutions for your office, work with Leap Payments on a mobile solution that allows for greater flexibility. We understand that not every case or client is going to be the same, which is why we have the tools lawyers need to simplify the payment process while improving speed and efficiency.

  • Improve Cash Flow

    Receive payments in your account faster with Next Day Funding from Leap Payments. You’ll be paid the next business day, rather than having to wait for days for checks to clear and funds to become available. See details.

    *Next day funding is not guaranteed for all merchant accounts. Available only for qualifying merchants. To see if you qualify, call (800) 993-6300 now and speak to an account specialist.

  • Increase Revenues

    Make it easier for clients to pay for your services. With improved customer service and payment flexibility, you’ll also benefit from secure transactions that affect revenue.

  • Offer Clients Their Choice of Payment Options

    No longer are clients limited in how they can pay for your services. With more people using credit and debit cards to pay for products and services, it is important that clients be able to pay how they prefer.

  • Greater Flexibility for Account Management

    Deposit retainers to your trust account, and have all fees deducted from your operating account. Keep track of finances and integrate your new solution with your current system for a seamless experience.

More Reasons to Start Accepting Credit Cards

The truth is, credit cards are here to stay and to be able to accept them instead of turning clients down due to an inability to process them would ultimately lead to a loss in customers and a loss in potential profit. It seems as though more people today are carrying around cards than anything else, and it is the most convenient form of payment for them.

Clients are also more inclined to pay outstanding fees or your retainer faster when they can pay with a card instead of parting with cash so they can then worry about it later. Enjoy top-notch customer service experience today and any day in the future with Leap Payments, as we provide simply better credit card merchant processing services and solutions.

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