POS & Shopping Cart Integrations | Software Partners List

Leap Payments offers the very best in easy to use and functional integrations. With integrations for hundreds of shopping cart platforms and POS systems, making the switch to lower rates & more secure processing is simple. Whether you’re a new-to-the-world startup or an established business, we have a solution to support your point of sale needs. We offer the latest and greatest in POS technology, but if you’re happy with your existing equipment, we can integrate seamlessly with anything on the market as well! Give us a call at (800) 993-6000 and one of our equipment specialist will help you find the best solution for you.

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#)Integrations Gateways
/n software TSYS Integrator
1GreatShoppingCart.com Converge
1PageOrderForm.com Converge
1ShoppingCart.com Authorize.net
2TouchPOS 2TouchPOS
3DCart Shopping Cart
6 (Six) Card Solutions Web2Pay
911 Software, inc Creditline
A)Integrations Gateways
AB Corporation Limited Web Drivers Converge
ABC SignUp ABC SignUp
AbleCommerce Ablecommerce
ABS Software ABS Software
ACS Technologies ACS Technologies
Acteva 911
Acteva Acteva Express, Plus, Pro
Action Systems ASI Restaurant Manager
Activant- See Epicor
Adelo Adelo POS
Advanced Solutions iMIS
Advantage2Retail Advantage2Retail
Affordable POS Affordable POS
Agemni Agemni
Agile Ticketing Agile
Agilysys Infogenesis
Agilysys Agilysys
Agora Cart Converge
Aircharge Aircharge
Aireus Aireus
Alert Management Sys Alert Easy Pro
Aliasware mPay
All Point POS All Point
Ambur POS Ambur
aMember aMember
American Changer American Changer POS
AMG Secure pay AMG Secure pay
Amigo POS Amigo POS
AMS Software AMS Software
AnyOrder Converge
Appointment Plus Appointment Plus
Arba Systems Arba Retail Systems
Artez Interactive Artez
ASecureCart Appagare – Converge
Aspdot.net Aspdotnet
Assal POS InTouch Pos
Auction Payment Network Auction Payment Network
Audience View Audience View
Auphan Software Auphan Software
Authorize.net Authorize.net
Autostar Portal Pay
Avectra Avectra
AVF Consulting Inc ChargeLogic
Azox Azox
B)Integrations Gateways
Barefoot Technologies Barefoot
Beanstream Beanstream
Big Commerce Big Commerce
BirdDog Software BirdDog
Bitword Bitcart
BizTracker BizTracker
Blackbaud NetCommunity
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge
Blackboard e learning module
Black Table Media Converge
Bloomnet Bloomnet
Blue Bamboo Blue Bamboo
Blue Bird Car Rental Blue Bird
Bluefin Bluefin
Bonzi Sports Software Bonzi Sports Software
BookLog BookLog
Bora Payment Systems Payer Direct Hub (PDH)
Braintree Payment Solutions Braintree
Breadcrumb Bridgepay
BridgePay Bridgepay

Brown Paper Tickets Brown Paper Tickets
Business Plus Accounting BPA
Business Software Solutions Business Plus Accounting
C)Integrations Gateways
Café Cartel Café Cartel
Campground Master Campground Master
CampusCE Corporation CampusCE
Canada Cart Converge
Cap Software Cap Software
CardWatch Card Watch
Cart Connect Cart Connect
Cart Manager Converge
Cash Register Express CRE
Cashier Live Cashier Live POS
CashNet CashNet
Centaman Centaman
CenterEdge Software CenterEdge Software
Certek Artisan POS
CF Dashboard CF _ezcart
ChainDrive ChainDrive
Chamber Master Chamber Master
Charge Anywhere Coms Gate/Comstar
Charify Charify
Checkfront Checkfront
Choice Advantage Choice Advantage
Choice Pay Federal Taxes
Choice Ticketing Systems Choice Ticketing Systems
Christensen Computer Company CCC
Ciao Ciao Software
Class Juggler Class Juggler
Clover Donations Clover Donations
Club Express Club Express
Club Prophet Systems Pro Shop Keeper
CMDI Crimson CMDI Crimson
Coffee Shop Manager Coffee Shop Manager
Cogran Cogran
ComCash ComCash
Comcept Comcept
Comodo Comodo
CompanyBe CompanyBe
Compass Max Compass Max
Computer Systems International Computer Systems Int’l
Concrete5 Concrete5
Constant Contact Constant Contact
Copper POS Copper POS
Core Cashless Systems Core Cashless Systems
Core Commerce Core Commerce
CoreSense CoreSense
Cornerstone POS CornerstonePOS
Corporate Car Online Corporate Car Online
Cottonwood Software Campground Master
CreditCall CreditCall
CSC Systems Company Fiesta X-Charge
CSI Software CSI Software
CubeCart Converge
Cvent Cvent
Cybercource Cybersource
D)Integrations Gateways
Dakis Ecommerce Dakis Ecommerce
Data Business Systems Transaction +
Datacap Dial Tran
Datacap IP Tran
Datacap Net Epay, Twin Tran, IP Tran, Dial Tran
Datacap Net Epay/ Gift Epay
Datacap Twin Tran
DataCash DataCash Gateway
DataPark PARCS
Daxko Daxko
Daycare Works DayCare Works
DeemGround DeemGround
Diamond Touch Diamond Touch POS
Dietary Management Software DFM
Digital Payment Technologies Luke 2
Digital Payment Technologies Luke
Digital Payment Technologies Shelby
Digital Rez Digital Rez
Dinerware Dinerware POS
Dow Commerce Dow Commerce
Duncan Solutions Reino
DXCART Converge
Dydacomp Manager V8
E)Integrations Gateways
Easycart Authorize.net
Easy Tithe Easy Tithe
e-cart Converge
ECRS Catapult POS
ECWID E-Widget
Edge Technologies Profit Premier
effortlessE effortlessE
eFinesstri eFinesstri
Element Payment Services Element Payment Services
Elexio Elexio
Ellucian Ellucian
eMedicalFusion eMedicalFusion
e-Mobile e-mobile POS
Enlite POS Enlite POS
Envisonware Staff Transaction Software
Envisonware Ecommerce
Epicor/Activant Eagle
eProcessing Network eProcessing Network
Everest Software Everest Software
E-xact Transactions Ltd. E-xact
ExaDigm Inc ExaDigm
EZ Facility EZ Facility
EZ Links EZ Links
EZ Software Solutions EZ Dine
EZ Software Solutions EZ Retail
F)Integrations Gateways
FastCommerce FastCommerce
FDMS IC Verify
Fellowship Technologies Fellowship Technologies
Finalsite Silverpoint
Firespring Firespring
Fishbowl Fishbowl
Fi-Soft Fi-Soft
Flash Vallet Flash Vallet
FormSite FormSite
Forte Payment Systems ACH Direct
Free POS Free POS
Freshbooks Freshbooks
Frontline Solutions Frontline Solutions
Future POS Future POS
G)Integrations Gateways
Gateway Ticketing Gateway Galaxy
General Store POS General Store
Genius Web Converge
GFI Software Tender Retail
Gift Tool Software Gift Tool Software
Ginsan The Liberator
Global Collect Global Connect
GlobeKey Global Key online Reservations
Go Emerchant Go Emerchant
Goldtech Goldtech
Golf Master Golf Master
Gotobilling Mainstreet Softworks
Gotsoccer Gotsoccer
Granbury POS Vital Link
Gym Assistant Gym Assistant
H)Integrations Gateways
Halo Halo
Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation EIC/CRC
Harvest Harvest
Highwire Highwire
HSI Profit Series-Secure Gateway
I)Integrations Gateways
ICS Treatware
Ideal POS Ideal POS
IdoSoft POS IdoSoft POS
Image Technology Systems Visual Matrix
Infinity Pro Sports Infinity Pro Sports
Ingenico Telium Terminals
Innerfence Innerfence (iPhone App)
InnQuest Roomaster2000
InnRoad InnRoad
InnSoft Inc Check-Inn Credit Card Module
Inntopia Inntopia
Intellipay Intellipay
Inticketing Inticketing
Intrix Technology Transcend
Inventek Inventek
IQMetrix IQMetrix
Iqware Iqware
J)Integrations Gateways
JaRay Software JaRay Software
JDA Software JDA Software
Jonas Club Management Jonas Club Management
Joomla Converge
K)Integrations Gateways
Khamu Solutions Saphire
L)Integrations Gateways
LaundryCard LaundryCard
Lauv POS Lavu
League Athletics League Athletics
Liberty Computers Liberty Touch Control
Lightspeed/Xsilva Lightspeed
LimoWiz LimoWiz
Lionwise Lionwise
Liquor POS Liquor POS
Lodgix Lodgix
Lounge Manager Lounge Manager
M)Integrations Gateways
M BS Textbook MBS Textbook
M9 Register Pro M9 Register
Magento Commerce Magento Commerce
Mainstreet Softworks Monetra
Malibu Systems Malibu
Mals E-Commerce Converge
Mars Pro PayPal Mars
Medfusion Medfusion
Menudrive Menudrive
Menusoft Digital Dining
MHungry, Inc MHungry, Inc
Micro Logic Logic Wash
Micro Merchant Services Micro Merchant Services
Micros E7
Micros RES
Micros Opera
Micros Retail CW Store
Micros Retail X Store – Store21 – Tradewinds
Microsale Microsale
Microsoft Dynamics RMS
Microsoft Dynamics-Great Plains
Microworks Microworks
Midnite Express Slipstream
MIVA Merchant MIVA
MPay Gateway MPay Gateway
MyCommerce Converge
N)Integrations Gateways
NationBuilder NationBuilder
NCH Software Copper POS
NCR Counterpoint
NCR Silver Converge
Nebraska Book Company WinPrism
Nelnet QuikPAY
NetDeposit NetDeposit
NetPark NetPark
NetSuite NetSuite
Net10 Internet e-cart Converge
NetVentures Trinexum
Network Merchants Inc NMI
Neulion Total Ticketing
Northstar Club Management Software Northstar Club Management Software
Northwind Maestro
Nichesoft BeautyTrack
Nichesoft TanTrack
Northstar Club Management Software Northstar Club Management Software
Northwind Maestro
O)Integrations Gateways
Official Payments Official Payments
Omni Ticket Omni Ticket
onePOS One POS
Oracle PeopleSoft
Ordyx Ordyx
OsCommerce Shopping cart
Outdoor Business Systems OBN
P)Integrations Gateways
Pace Software Pace Software
Paciolan Paciolan
Pacsoft Pacsoft
Paladin POS Paladin POS
PAR Springer Miller/Technology SMS/Hotel
PAR Technologies Pixel Point
Paradigm Software Paradigm Software
Parkeon Parkeon
Park Reservation System Emerge – Converge
Party Center Party Center
Pax Credit Card Machines
Pay Pal Pay Flow Pro – Pay Flow Link
Pay Simple ,inc Pay Simple ,inc
PayGo PayGo
Payment Vision Payment Vision
Paytrace Paytrace
PC America Cash Register Express
PC Synergy Postal Mate
PD Shop PD Shop
PDG Software PDG Shopping Cart Converge
Plexis POS Plexis POS
Plug n Pay Plug n Pay
Point of Rental POS Point of Rental POS
Point of Success POS Point of Success
POS Nation POS Nation
Posera Maitre’D
PosIM Paystream
Positouch Positouch
Precidia POSLynx
Precision Web Converge
PrestoBiz Presto Web
PrestoShop PrestoShop
ProBill ProBill
ProductCart Converge
Profit Pilot Profit Pilot
Profitek Profitek
Property Genie Property Genie
Protobase Protobase
Proxis Software Store Manager
Protobase Protobase
Q)Integrations Gateways
Qgiv Qgiv
QS/1 QS/1
QuickFlora QuickFlora
R)Integrations Gateways
Rappatoni Rappatoni
RAZ Mobile RAZ
Red Cheetah Red Cheetah
Red Maple Red Maple
RedFin Gateway RedFin Gateway
RenWeb RenWeb
Reservation Software RezStream
Resort Data Processing Resort Data Processing
Restaurant Pro Express Restaurant Pro Express
Retail Edge Retail Edge
Retail Pro Retail Pro
Retreiver POS Retreiver POS
Revel Systems Revel Systems
Revention Revention POS
Rez Tracker Rez Tracker
Reznexus Reznexus
Rezware iRez
Rics Software Rics Software
RoomKey RoomKey
S)Integrations Gateways
Salsa Commons Salsa Commons
Seat Advisor Seat Advisor
Secure Processing 4 Printing Printsmith
SEO-Cart Converge
Sequoia Software Citrx
ServeBase ServeBase
Shelby Soft Inc SP-1
Shift 4 Corp $$ on the Net
Shopify Shopify
ShopKeep Bridgepay
Signup4 Signup4
Silverware Silverware
Siriusware Sirriusware
SiteLink SiteLink
Six Card Solutions* Six Card Solutions
Skipjack Financial Services Skipjack
Skyware Solutions Skyware
SlimCD SlimCD
Smartcart Smartcart
Smile POS Smile POS
Smith Cart Converge
Soft Touch Soft Touch
Southern Data Com/Elavon Protobase
SportIT SportsIT
Sportsman SQL Sportsman SQL
Sports Ngin Sports Ngin
Spree Software Spree Software
Squirrel Systems Squirrel Systems
StoneEdge Technologies StoneEdge Technologies
Storage Commander Storage Commander
Stores Online Store Front Stores Online Store Front
Storis R8
SunKeen POS SunKeen POS
Sunlync Sunlync
SunShop Shopping Cart Converge
Syrasoft Syrasoft
System Innovators iNovah
Systems West Perennial
T)Integrations Gateways
T2 Systems Unified Parking Technology
Tab Wizard Tab Wizard
Talech Converge
Talisma Talisma
TaxWise TaxWise
Tazworks Tazworks
TCS Hotel Software Guest Tracker
Tessitura Network Tessitura
T-Gate Pathway Link
Teequest Teequest
The Floral POS The Floral POS
The General Store The General Store
Theatre Management Systems Theatre Management Systems
Three Rivers Systems CAMS
Thunder Tix Thunder Tix
Ticket Biscuit Ticket Biscuit
Ticket Leap Ticket Leap
Tickets.com ProVenue
Tiger POS Tiger POS
Toshiba WinPos
Touchnet Touchnet (CMS)
Total Transact Total Transact
TrustCommerce TrustCommerce
TwinOaks TwinOaks
TylerTech Tyler Tech
U)Integrations Gateways
Ubersmith Ubersmith
Ultracart Ultracart
Ungerboeck Software Inc Ungerboeck Software
UniCenta Opos UniCenta Opos
Uniqsys (Unique Systems) Thinsoft
Unique Business Systems V3Plus Software
UP Restaurant POS UP Restaurant POS
uTouch POS uTouch POS
V)Integrations Gateways
Vagaro Salon POS
Vanco Services Vanco Services
Vendini Vendini
Veracart Converge
Verasoft Korvue*
Verifone Payware PC
Verifone PC Charge
Verifone Payware Transact
Verifone Payware Connect
Verifone Vx Terminals
Verio ShopList
Veritix Veritix
Vermont Systems Vermont Systems
Vin 65 Vin 65
Vineyard2door V2D
VirtueMart Converge
Visual Ticket Visual Ticket
Voice Genix Voice Genix
Volante Systems Volante Systems
Volo Innovations Volo
Volusion Volusion
VP-ASP Shopping Cart Converge
W)Integrations Gateways
Wallace Software AnchorSoft – PowerSoft
Washgear LLC CardWorks & CardMate
Watertight Watertight
Web.com Web.com
WebConnex WebConnex
WebLink International WebLink
Web Reserv Web Reserve
Wild Apricot Wild Apricot
Windward Software Windward System Five
WineWeb WineWeb
Woo Commerce Woo Commerce
WuFoo WuFoo
X)Integrations Gateways
X-Cart Converge
Xenegrade XenDirect
Xenios 2Touch POS
Xpient Solutions Iris – Credit Card Application
Y)Integrations Gateways
Yahoo Yahoo
Yardi Management System rCash Collect
Z)Integrations Gateways
Zeckoshop Zeckoshop
Zen Cart Authorize.net