Verifone Vx520 – IP/Dial

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The Verifone Vx520 is a truly versatile machine, offering a wide range of connectivity options. The compact design makes handover usage easy while the cables connect neatly under the machine for clean countertops.  The Vx520 is complete with a smart card reader and contactless card reader enabling high speed transactions for greater profitability.

NOTE: There are many different versions of this machine available, this model is the top of the line and includes all communication and card types supported.  Manufacturer Product Number M252-653-A3-NAA-3


  • Connects to dial-up phone line, or via Ethernet directly to your internet connection
  • EMV payments supported, NFC and chip cards
  • Apple Pay compatible
  • PCI PED Certified
  • High contrast black and white screen

Rating: 7/10.  Some users report terminal displays tamper errors after long term use.  See our detailed machine ratings here.