Ingenico iCT250 – IP/Dial


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The Ingenico iCT250 v.2 offers all the convenience and security of the iCT220 with the added bonus of a full color screen and integrated NFC/Apple Pay functionality.  This is Ingenico’s top of the line machine and it does everything.

  • Connects to dial-up phone line, or via Ethernet directly to your internet connection
  • EMV payments supported, NFC and chip cards
  • Apple Pay compatible
  • PCI PED Certified
  • High contrast color screen

Rating:  10/10.  See our detailed machine ratings.

NOTE: For the Baseline options above, please verify with your processor which version is needed, for Leap Payments client choose Leap Payments/Elavon as your Encoding option.  We will ship the machine to you as specified, if you are a Leap Payments client your machine will arrive ready to use, but if you’re not a Leap Payments client then you will have to ensure that your processor can support the machine purchased and are willing to program it with you.  While all our machines are unlocked and ready to use, we cannot guarantee that all processors will support all machines, we can guarantee that Leap Payments processing clients will be able to use all terminals sold directly by Leap Payments.