Ingenico RP457c for Converge Mobile App

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The Ingenico RP457c, is a robust, all-in-one card reader that accepts mag stripe, EMV chip card and contactless payments, including mobile wallets. Customers can utilize the audio jack to connect the device to their smartphone/tablet or connect via Bluetooth.

This device is encrypted for use only with the Converge Mobile App on your iPhone, Android or tablet.  Connects via included headphone jack or via wireless bluetooth.  Please note that no other Apps are supported with this device, please verify that you are using the Converge Mobile App before purchase.

**The RP457c desktop cradle is not included**

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The Ingenico RP457c – Power and Dependability

The Ingenico RP457c adds a robust, EMV card reader to the Converge Mobile App.  The RP457c allows you to accept mag stripe, chip card and contactless payments, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.  This device is encrypt specifically to work exclusively with the Converge Mobile App, adding another layer of security to help protect card data at the point of entry and throughout the payment process.


  • 3 in 1 reader unit (incorporates MSR, SCR & NFC)
  • Use the RP457c via audio jack, Bluetooth, and with the desktop USB connection
  • Compatible with nearly all tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android)
  • Auto-adjustable clamp to securely attach to virtually any mobile device

Ease of Use

  • Slight top lip on device allows for better portability and stability
  •  Maximizes card reading performance with an omni-directional, 3-track card reader
  • Battery life and reader status indication via LED lights and beeps
  • Charge or transfer data via the micro USB port on a PC or Android OTG devices
  • Abstracts low-level interactions with our developer-friendly SDK


  • Certified to the latest industry security standards: PCI PTS 4.1
  • Constant reader integrity with tamper detection and responsiveness


  • Use the RP457c series as a desktop reader with the additional* desktop cradle
  • Connect the Ingenico RP457c to a smartphone or a tablet via the additional RP457c-BT clip-on accessory

*The RP457c does not support PIN Debit, so if you need PIN Debit support the Ingenico iCMP (also available on this site) offers that additional functionality.

*The RP457c is a card reader ONLY; Supports EMV chip, magnetic stripe and signature debit transactions.

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