Ingenico iCMP Mobile EMV Card Reader for Converge

$249.99 $219.97

  • All in one mobile reader for EMV cards and the Converge Mobile Gateway.
  • EMV, Chip & PIN, Magstripe and NFC/Contactless
  • Minuture Size; Lightweight and Fits in a Pocket
  • Meets All Payment and Security Standards
  • Class II Bluetooth; PCI DSS Wireless Compliant
  • Battery Lasts for approx. 50 Transactions Over 3 Days

This reader is encrypted and will not work with other gateways or mobile Apps.  Please make sure that you are using the Converge Mobile App prior to purchase.

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Ingenico iCMP is a Bluetooth enabled card reader and Pin Pad that works with in conjunction with your phone or tablet to process credit and debit cards. Use the magnetic stripe reader on top to swipe cards or, insert chip cards into the slot at the bottom. Mobile credit card processing has never been easier.

This Ingenico iCMP also supports NFC and contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Get more customers taken care of in less time. You customers can just tap your mobile device and process payments.

You can also use the Ingenico iCMP Mobile Card Reader as a secure PIN entry device to support PIN debit transactions anywhere.

This device can also be used with the Converge online gateway connected via the USB port to process any card type with your computer and any browser.  It can also be configured to be used with the Converge Mobile App.  Take advantage of the enhanced security of EMV chip cards on your mobile transactions with your phone, tablet, or even any computer that has internet connectivity.

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