Next Day Funding

For business owners cashflow is always a primary concern. You need to have access to funds in order to pay your bills, meet payroll demands and keep your business running. Don’t settle for 2-4 day delays in your credit card processing.

You deserve a merchant account that pays you faster. We can help your businesses achieve quick turnaround time on converting sales to revenue in their merchant bank accounts, letting you meet your obligations and giving you the flexibility you need to manage the ups and downs of operating your business.

What cards are eligible for Next Day Funding?

With this exclusive service all cards will be funded Next Day including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic checks. No exceptions, no excuses.

How does it work?

With Leap Payments Next Day Funding you get paid in as little as 8 hours

Simply process your daily batch of transactions or have your terminal or software automatically settle your transactions before 10pm Eastern, and with next day funding your money will be in your bank the next morning, that’s less than 8 hours from the time you send the transactions. This exclusive service is available regardless of which bank you use for your deposits. Even on Friday’s and Saturday’s your transactions will be deposited in your bank Monday morning and available for use.

What does it cost?

A nominal monthly fee of $0.00 to $9.95 depending upon processing volume applies for the next day funding service. There’s no additional per transaction fees and your processing rates are the same whether you choose standard 2-3 day funding or next day funding. Ask your relationship manager about adding this service to your account.

When you accept credit cards you deserve faster funding for your transactions. Leap Payments can help you speed this process up and reduce the time to access your funds. For help with your merchant account credit cards, please contact us today to discuss your business needs and how we can help you succeed.

Unlike other credit card processing merchant services, Leap Payments wants to pay you faster. We understand the unique challenges that you face and want to help you overcome them. That’s why we offer next day funding as a convenient option with our services.

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